Rafał Karcz photography

 focuses both the artist’s and viewers’ attention on various iterations of human faces, one of the traditional genres of art history. Frequently de-populated and executed with the artist’s characteristic somber palette of rather monochromatic colors, Karcz’s faces create an evocative atmosphere that is simultaneously disquieting, banal, and even, on occasions, gloomy or sinister. His fleeting glimpses of these motives are often ambiguous – both artist and viewer participate in the viewing of the scene and yet are somehow also clearly excluded from belonging in them…

Albert Wang, art curator, IAO PROJECTS, Salt Lake City, USA


2011 — art basel curators – Produzentengalerie Rammlmair, Hannover, Niemcy
TURM 4 – Galerie Pack of patches, Jena, Germany [curator : Grit Hohn]
2010 — figures – THE LIVINGROOM GALLERY, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
[wspólnie z Janem Wurmem]
Is this leipziger schule? – Revolution no.9, Schmuckstrasse  9, Hamburg,
fast show / szybko przygotowane [prezentacja nowego numeru RITY
BAUM], Falanster, Wrocław
youth from a damned city – Kunstraum Denkpause, Hamburg, Niemcy
[kurator Thomas Eigel]
SZTUKA! – Positionen aktueller polnischer Kunst, Die Drostei /Das
Kreiskulturzentrum, Pinneberg, Niemcy
2009 — Festiwal multimedialny Summer of love – Galerie Born/Busse, Lipsk,
Lato w mieście / Summer in the city – Galeria Klementyny Bocheńskiej,
FUCKKK KKKAPITALISM – art-project, IAO projects, Salt Lake City,
Utah, U.S.A.
Beyond the border – International Contemporary Art Fair, San Diego,
Kalifornia, U.S.A.